The Welcomelife makes all types of pools - concrete, polyester, steel panels, panels, modular, etc. ... We have the best technicians to advise you on the best option of a swimming pool, modern, easy and functional on your style of life in your own home.


We have a team trained and specialized to give the touch that was missing in your swimming pool -Exchange of casing and tubing -Leaks water -Machinery to measure. -Change to the tank, etc. ...


No worries - we've Cleaned up and added that it is necessary to always have a beautiful pool, comfortable, well treated, disinfected and disinfectant, clean and vacuumed, always ready to use. To keep your pool at its best.


The Welcomelife is a company created in the Twentieth CENTURY turned primarily to the future.

Is dedicated mainly to the construction, renovation and maintenance of swimming Pools & Wellness, using the latest construction processes and equipment, which in destingem of all the other existing on the market.

Pools of Steel

Imagine yourself enjoying the world of swimming pools Seablue steel panels. Swimming pools in kit Seablue owe their success to the quality of all the components, through advanced technology that guarantees the absence of cracks over the years, a clean construction and a fast that ensures the execution deadline and a technique that gives you the guarantee of your initial investment and continued for years.


Swimming Pools Renovation

The time has come to renew your pool. The WELCOMELIFE have the solution for all types of pools ... Concrete-Poliestér-steel Panels etc. We have several teams properly especializads that arrive at the location and make an assessment of the problem, always with the purpose of solving the best option for each case. ex: cracks, replacement and repair of the machinery-piping , placement of the screen armed and if necessary change the shape of the tank.


Spa Astralpool

The art of the best hydromassage for complete relaxation.


Spa Range Wellis

Spas Range Wellis an experience incomparable to any other spa you've already used.


Spa Range The Beachcomber

The simplicity and the ergonomics of the structure of the Beachcomber Hot tubs give us a decisive advantage, making our product the Hot tub the most comfortable in the world. It is an excellent way to relax, with those you love, after an exhausting day.